Long Arm Rentals

We make finishing quilts easy! 

Carefully selected to cater to your quilting needs, we have four exceptional longarms available for rent, so you can choose the perfect one to bring your creative visions to life.

Our Longarm Rental Machines

  • Ellie: Offers a 18" x 8" throat space on an hoop/halo frame.  Non-computerized, non-pantograph (free motion and rulers only).  She offers the same excellent stitch quality on this entry level machine.
  • Lenni: Boasts a generous 22" x 8" throat space on a 12' frame; hydraulic lift. Non-computerized, ensuring a hands-on quilting experience.
  • Lucey: Offers a 26" x 10 ½" throat space on the same 12' frame; hydraulic lift. Non-computerized, providing ample space for quilting.
  • Freddie: A powerhouse of efficiency with a 26" x 10 ½" throat space on a 12" frame; hydraulic lift. Equipped with QuiltPath for a digital quilting experience. Can also be rented without QuiltPath.





Comfort is key when quilting, and we have taken that to heart. Each of our longarms is placed on hydraulic lifts, ensuring that all customers, regardless of their height, can quilt with ease and in the most ergonomic setting.

Certification Class

Before you embark on your quilting journey with our longarms, you require a certification class. This class is essential to familiarize yourself with the machines and ensure a smooth quilting experience. If you are interested in renting Freddie with QuiltPath, a Quiltpath certification class must be completed as well.

Rental Information

Certified quilters can rent any of our APQS machines for a minimum of 2 hours. To secure your desired quilting time, we recommend booking in advance. Our rental sessions run morning and afternoon at staggered times throughout the week. For longer quilting sessions expected to exceed four hours, please plan your booking accordingly.

Valet Service

Valet loading is available for $20 each time you request it. Bring your quilt top, batting and backing in earlier and we will have your machine ready for when you arrive or if you have requested valet loading you may bring it with you and have it loaded at that time.


Now, let's talk pricing. For the non-computerized machines, the rental cost is $25.00 per hour. Ellie on the hoop frame is $20.00 per hour.  If you opt for the computerized Freddie with access to digital pantographs, the rental rate is $44.00 per hour. As a convenience, we offer a selection of paper pantographs available for your use during rental sessions or for purchase. You are more than welcome to bring your own. Additionally, if you have a preference for using your own quilting rulers or practicing hand-guided quilting, feel free to do so during your rental session.

Certification Class Details

3-Hour Class: Learn how to square up your quilt and remove selvages, attach your quilt top and backing to the red snappers loading system, roll your quilt onto the leader bar, line up your pantograph, load your bobbins, and how to quilt the pantograph using a laser.  You will need to provide a small quilt top (no larger than baby quilt/small lap quilt), batting and backing for the class.  Batting and backing fabrics are all available for purchase. Backing needs to be 5" bigger on each side of the quilt top to allow for loading system.    Class price is $100.00.

Price includes use of red snappers, paper pantograph and a thread charge. Paper pantographs also available for purchase if desired. To enroll in the class:  Visit our Learning Center and choose Rental Certification Class and then choose your date. Your instructions will be emailed to you. OR you can drop by our store to enroll and pick up your instructions.  

Click here to book Rental Certification Class:  


Quilt Path Certification Class: (must have completed basic rental certification class)


In this 3  hour class, we will load and set up a quilt top for edge to edge quilting using the Quilt Path computerized system. You just need to bring a charity quilt no bigger than 50" x 70", batting and backing (5" larger than quilt top on all four sides).  

You will learn how to import your design, set up the size and dimensions of the quilt top and digital design, save the file, and quilt through a charity quilt from start to finish! 

Advancing is a bit different with a computer than with a paper pantograph or free motion quilting and we cover that too! 

Class price is $75.00

Click here to book QuiltPath Certification Class:  


Ready to book rental time?  

BOOK HERE  or email mavis@thestitcherytn.com

The Stitchery is excited to be a part of your quilting journey and look forward to providing you with a remarkable quilting experience with our APQS longarm machines. Come visit us soon, and let's create quilting magic together!

If you prefer to send your quilt to us for quilting, simply fill out this intake form, hit submit and we will reach out.



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